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The following are links to projects we've completed. Maybe you'll gain some inspiration for that backyard you've always dreamed of.

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Roman Cobble circle

Roman Euro circle

Patio 1

Walkway 1

Patio 2

Walkway 2

Retaining Wall 1

Retaining Wall 2

Retaining Wall 3


Steps with multi wall

Multi Wall

Steps and Wall

Waterscape 1

Waterscape 2

Waterscape 3

Snow Removal?

Snow Removal Services

At Artistic, we offer snow removal services. Big or small, push and pile or take it away. We got you covered. Call us today to book.




Artistic Landscaping Ltd. is pleased to serve the greater Edmonton area since 1979 with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority.


We offer services for ALL your landscaping needs with over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial landscaping.


Artistic Landscaping Ltd. has the equipment and experienced manpower to complete ALL sized projects from a small yard to large acreages.


By navigating the site, we're sure you'll find some wonderful ideas to make your property the envy of the neighbourhood. Keep in mind, whatever ideas you have, we'll help you achieve them.

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Paving Stones

Paving Stone is a great choice for Alberta’s climate as it is flexible and can move with the frost conditions without causing permanent damage to the product.

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Retaining Walls

We have experience in building walls up to 20 ft tall with multiple tiers and incredible contours.

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We can build a pond for your fish or a pondless waterfall for those of you that want just the soothing sound of running water,or maybe a creek with a bridge?

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